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NTL- Linear Trunking System ​​​​​​​

A modular consisting of trunking rails, luminaire inserts and accessories.
It offering unparalleled flexibility in terms of lighting layout and scheme design, a versatile and efficient continuous-row lighting system providing intelligent solutions for different lighting task like supermarket , warehouse and parking lot . 

Grae Led Trunking system
Led trunking system

There are kinds of versions to fit for 0-10V dimming system, and DALI dimming system, to meet with demands of dimming control. Moreover, emergency function is achievable with cooperating modular kits, best known from showrooms and malls.

  • Continuous row system, seamless and maximum connection of 3000 W / row
  • Flexible beam angle of 30°/ 60°/ 90°/ 25°both side polarization (depending on the model)
  • Using high-quality SMD chips and delivering 160 lm/W output
  • Premium quality aluminum body
  • 5 and 7 wires in 3 phase connected system